Kazie Solo (gaylee) wrote,
Kazie Solo

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*bangs head on the wall*

Why oh why do I suddenly want to play AU!Haruhi?

  • Moving.

    So. This happens a lot, haha. But I'm moving to a new journal. → eepitiuum It's friends-locked, for many reasons. But just give me a…

  • Haha, muses. Whut.

    My RP muses are ganging up on me. First on the list is Tsubasa!Syaoran. Which we now know as Shaoran and Sakura's son . And then OU!Kyon, because…

  • OMG YAY :D

    I'm back, you guys. :D The typhoon's gone, so we have electricity back now. We're also done with our show, so that's one less thing to worry about.…

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