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I feel a little better now. Still not in the mood to talk to people, but yeah, I'm around. It's just... well, right before I left for my exam this weekend, I read something that got me down and made me all stressed, and when I got back last night from the last subject and checked my f-list, I stumbled across something related to it again. Argh. Why is it always my fault? It's even the same in our theatre group. Since I was busy preparing for our exams, I left my brother and one of our friends to take charge of putting the show together and practices. Because we live under the same roof, during my spare time I get to talk to my brother about some of my ideas for the show, which he says he'll get to work on. And what happens next? My friend's upset because I didn't tell him. What the hell?! It's my fault because I assumed that he and my brother talked, since they were supposed to be in charge and everything? Oh please.

Again, I'm not mad. I'm just tired. These things are supposed to be fun, you know?

The exam results should be out tonight, at least that's what our professors said. Eeep.

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