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ccs!syao // concentrate and not give up

this is it. uh. yeah.

Okay. Guys. It's Thursday here. And the first day of our licensure exams is on Sunday. Like whoa. My mom, after our evening prayer tonight, asked me if I was still in a fight, that if I still wanted to take this one instead of waiting for the October set. I told her I'm taking, so. Pray for me, please? ♥

Oh, and numi_nami, you do art commissions right? :D


Good luck! Considering your mindspace, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors :D

Well yeah, I do, but I won't be doing anything until after the 25th (when summer classes end.) :/
Good luck...I'm sure that you'll do really well! *waves support banner* ♥ :)
I love you! <3 You can do it, I know you can :3
you can do it! <3

do your best~
My bishounen muses and I wish you lots of luck (and I have over 200 bishie muses, so hopefully it'll be a huge help).