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Graduation and all that jazz.

I'm having a bit of a cold, but I'm in a pretty good mood. As I said I'd do, here's an even better entry than the last, detailing a bit more about what's happened to me over the last few weeks and why I haven't been around.

So. We had our final exams early, on the last week of February. They were, as expected, horrible. In varying degrees. I thankfully passed all of them, although in the end when the final grades were out, that semester turned out to be my worst. My GPA (with 1.0 being the highest) was only 1.31, my lowest ever in a semester.

Then we had to do the clearance stuff, attend to some job interviews and go to a faraway mountain place for our retreat. I tried out some of the interviews but in the end I realized that I really loved teaching, so I decided to do just that when I hopefully become a licensed accountant by May. I talked to our department chairman about it as well as some of our other teachers, and well, they said they're excited to have me. Two of my other classmates are also going to sign up, among them a good friend of mine. So I'm really excited, although I'm also stressed out by the fact that I first have to pass the freaking licensure exam that's barely two months away. And then there was the retreat. It was great. I had time to think and sort out the messy jumble of my life.

When we returned, the chaos returned. We received word that one of our professors flunked 11 of our classmates and therefore they wouldn't be able to graduate. So we immediately came to their rescue. We spent hours and even days running after our professors, begging them, working on other options just so everyone will be able to graduate... a week later, phew! The results were finally out, and all our hardwork and tears and sleepless nights and absences in review classes paid off. Our professors reconsidered and passed everyone. I was graduating summa cum laude, as #1 in our batch. We were just so happy and we celebrated and then we realized that our graduation ball was only two days away! And so we proceeded to prepare for that. We shopped for our clothes and accessories, prepared our presentations, and basically just got ready for the big event.

Like all that's happened, our ball was a blast, too. Almost everyone performed and each one of us got awards! Haha. And then afterwards, we went out. They were shocked because I actually went with them and that my parents actually allowed me. We went to a bar and danced and drank a bit. I went home at 2 in the morning, and would've stayed up longer if my mother wasn't repeatedly texting me to come home already. But still, it was so much fun.

And then, back to review classes. We now have more days of review because it's nearing the board exam, and they're from 8 in the morning to until around 9 in the evening. So tiring! In fact I had to attend a whole day session today, and I'm swamped. This is going to continue until May. Oh boy.

Lastly, yesterday was graduation. I was the candle holder during the mass because it's for the student graduating with the highest honors. *blushes* And I also got another award from an auditing firm for being top of the batch. So. Um. I'm pressured? Because our dean said during the awarding that he's expecting me to be a topnotcher in the licensure exams. Oh no... oh well!

So yeah. Life is good.

I miss you all! ♥

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