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I'm turning into Sakura Kinomoto. Is that a bad thing?

I spent the whole day yesterday watching Card Captor Sakura episodes. Yes, all the way to the end of the first season. I couldn't help but immerse myself in all those episodes - though I guess it's also largely due to the fact that I read two absolutely wonderful Syaoran/Sakura fics by ice_suzaku shortly after I woke up. xD

So I watched one episode after another until I forced myself to stop, as I knew that if I continued on I wouldn't be able to get a hold of myself anymore (with Eriol appearing right away in the first episode of the second season). But the hilarious thing happened shortly afterwards. My parents and brother came home, and my mom happily gave me a plasticful of sweets from Iloilo. And guess what I did? I squealed. Now that wouldn't have been unusual except for the itty bitty fact that I sounded like Sakura in her schweet mode. OMG.

And I had to restrain myself from going "Oishii!" after I took a bite of butterscotch.

Then after dinner, my brother decided to watch The Emperor's New Groove. And guess what happened? My head hurt because it was in English. I only felt better when he turned the subtitles on. Hm, must be the effect of watching so many episodes in a day - non-stop, too.

Today it got worse. When we got home, tempers flared because it's my brother's graduation tomorrow and yet his toga was nowhere to be found. He kept repeating that he put it in his bag and he didn't even take it out, and my mom was already furious. As I kept thinking about how it could've gotten lost when he was so sure that it was in his bag all the time, this thought popped to mind amidst the temper tantrums that went flying around me: Could it have been a Clow Card?

By now you might think I'm nuts. No, please, not obsessed. =p

The good thing about being on a CCS marathon is that I'm getting more and more ideas as to how I should play my character in our upcoming play, and it's really helping me get into schweet My Character mode (not naming her so as not to spoil, nyaha~). The more I watched, the more I realized how similar my character and Sakura are, physically and otherwise. What a coincidence. No, wait. There is no such thing as coincidence. There is only the inevitable.
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