luc s3 // uh yeah i'm kinda embarrassed

Haha, muses. Whut.

My RP muses are ganging up on me.

First on the list is Tsubasa!Syaoran. Which we now know as Collapse ). And then OU!Kyon, because he's not happy about ribbonshipping. But there are a bunch of others. AU!Recca is still quite persistent, so is OU!Mara and even OU!GIR and someone from DBZ if Clandon does end up apping Gohan and/or Goku.

I still need to kick my current pups back into the game before I app one/two more, really.
nakusaku // fangirl moment


I'm back, you guys. :D

The typhoon's gone, so we have electricity back now. We're also done with our show, so that's one less thing to worry about. I still have work, but it's not as much trouble as when I was the student. So... I missed you all! ♥
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r!syao // don't look at me like that


Collapse )

The exam results should be out tonight, at least that's what our professors said. Eeep.
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sakura // is somebody out there


Exams are over, but I really don't feel like talking or anything until the results are out. Sorry, guys. I'm okay, just really tense about this whole thing. You'll see me around again tomorrow, or the next day.

EDIT: I also need to take a break from RP and online stuff in general. I don't need any more stressors at the moment, with my brain already split into smithereens thanks to our exams and my emotions being a little shaky from the tension and the thought of possibly not getting my license. I'm not mad, I'm just tired and I'd rather not deal with these things at the moment.

Do carry on, I'll catch up when I can.
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ccs!syao // concentrate and not give up

this is it. uh. yeah.

Okay. Guys. It's Thursday here. And the first day of our licensure exams is on Sunday. Like whoa. My mom, after our evening prayer tonight, asked me if I was still in a fight, that if I still wanted to take this one instead of waiting for the October set. I told her I'm taking, so. Pray for me, please? ♥

Oh, and numi_nami, you do art commissions right? :D
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jowy // so what do we do now ???

19 days to go

Hugs, please, f-list?

It's 19 days to go before the board exam and am I freaking out. I should be studying since I'm way behind, but I've somehow gotten so bored and sick of all these subjects I've been studying for more than five years and I desperately need all the motivation I can get. I need my drive back, because I couldn't possibly back out now that I've come this far. ;_;

On another note, I miss you all. ♥~
nakusaku // fangirl moment



Like, totally. I even broke away from my lovely little books just to drop some tags into the Entropi thread. Ying is with Xiao Lang, and she wants to fight help out. Sheifa is freaking out but she's not going to let Albel fight the Entropi on his own.

Ankhi, you are just awesome.


Now to continue studying. I'll try to be more active in the coming days, guys, but right now I have to deal with my study load as I'm falling terribly behind schedule.
nakusaku // fangirl moment

Graduation and all that jazz.

I'm having a bit of a cold, but I'm in a pretty good mood. As I said I'd do, here's an even better entry than the last, detailing a bit more about what's happened to me over the last few weeks and why I haven't been around.

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So yeah. Life is good.

I miss you all! ♥
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