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Lunar blog crew. Or LJ crew.

lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew lunarblogcrew

edit(2): I received a suggestion from a friend and so I decided to split up the notable manga from the games. This will leave more characters open for you guys to choose from! ♥

Here you go, the sign-up page for the Lunar blog crew. Or, shall I say, Lunar LJ crew. All characters from all titles (game, manga or otherwise) accepted! Just comment to be added to the list with the character you want. One character per person, and no characters can be shared. First come, first served.

Spread Lunar love! ♥

PS. I'll be adding the "I'm ??? in the Lunar blog crew" code thing the next time I get online. Homework calls, unfortunately. ^_^

Dragon Song
none yet

Magic School / Scrolling School
Elie - krile

Tale of the Vane Airship (manga)
Young Ghaleon - Danni

The Silver Star / Silver Star Story Complete / Legend
Alex Noah - haru_yartsev
Jessica de Alkirk - lunarwhirl
Kyle - reserved
Luna Noah - gaylee
Magic Emperor Ghaleon - law_bastard
Mia Ausa - flamaeo
Nall - driley1
Nash Rumack - yoshimars
Red Dragon - julie_jubz
Phacia - klasikal
Tempest - darthnaku

Eternal Blue / Eternal Blue Complete
Future/Adult Nall - patchouli
Future Ghaleon - small_evil_me
Hiro - riceyboy
Jean - blady
Lemina Ausa - roushutsu
Leo - kalla
Lucia - angelalex242
Mauri - breyzyyin (Yin)
Ronfar - breyzyyin (Breyzy)
Ruby - shaexx

Childhood's End (manga)
none yet


Oh this sounds interesting... I'd like to take Nash or Mia (if I may) but I am not sure which one yet... I'll get back to you. ^^*
Mia has already been taken. In the meantime I'll hold Nash for you, let me know ASAP if you'll take him. ^_^
Even though I still don't quite understand, I want to do, I want to do! But, I haven't quite decided yet either xD. I think I may try my hand at Hiro, but I'll confirm that later (if he's not taken ;)).
annnd decided! Hiro, please!
I would like to have Elie from Magic School/Strolling school, because she's awesome. *nod*
Wow, an Elie fan! Sure you can have her! ^_^

Pretty icon by the way. ♥
Can I have Jessica?
Sure! ^_^
I'd REALLY like Mia...but if I can't have her, I'll take Jean.
Mia's not taken, so sure! ^.~

And lunar_abc should be back up within the week. ♥
Can I choose female character? JESS!!
Yes, you can choose a female character. Unfortunately, Jess has already been taken. Sorry. ^_^;;
Could I possibly get Nall? ^^;
Added! ^_^
I would have liked to have *coughit'stheduckybananawhatevericoncough* Nash, but it seems like somebody has decided to take him, so I'll be taking Phacia instead. If I may please? :)

And I did six versions already of the icons you requested. I'll make an entry in my journal soon regarding that. xD
I like Phacia, too! But I'll probably take Xenobia if I were to pick from the sisters. Hehe. Added you, by the way! And thanks in advance for the icons. ♥


I'm not sure how to officially join... but I'd like Ghaleon cuz he's awesome... or does it have to be based on gender? If so, I'll take Jean (if she's not taken already).
Hey Danni! :)

Do you have a blog or online journal, by any chance? A LiveJournal account, maybe? A blog crew's supposed to be a listing or network of Lunar fans, linked together through blogs or online journals. But I can make do with a website, just give me the link. If not, well, we'll work something out. I'll put Ghaleon on hold for you. ^.~


Sorry, I left the above message and didn't realize beforehand there is no way to ID myself ^^; I'm "PrettyGirlJean" from the Lunar-net forums... um, but I've never participated in a blog so I don't really know how they work. Sorry for any confusion ^^;


hey im alex_pwns_hiro from lunar-net. can i get kyle????
Hey, I'm new to blog crews and have NO idea how they work but I'm totally willing to give this a shot :D

I'm Kalla on the Shrine to Ghaleon's Message Board.

I don't suppose I could snag Leo, because he is always and forever my favorite character out of all the Lunars :)

(And just a general question here - would Mystere be a seperate entity, or is he lumped in with Leo?)


Lucia's to be mine, of course. Who else?

Angelalex242 from Lunar-net. It's only fitting I should take my snuggly soft goddess.

Can I nab adult Nall from Eternal Blue? xD If not then can I go with Ghaleon from TSS/etc.? ♥
Sure, Adult Nall's all yours! :)

And I love your icon. ♥
I haven't done a blog crew before, but I'm more than willing to try it out. ^_^

I can take Lemina Ausa if no one else has her.
Added you as Lemina! ^_^

Feel free to join lunarblogcrew and engage in the madness randomness that Lunar fandom can bring. Teehee. :)
can I be Tempest,? hehe
Sure! ♥
I've never done one of these before but it sounds like fun! Can I have Ghaleon? :P
Which Ghaleon would you like, from Silver Star Story or Eternal Blue? Ghaleon's actually on hold, but just as we've split Nall into the two versions as well as Leo and Mystere, we're also splitting Ghaleon up. So take your pick. I'll also inform of my friend who I put Ghaleon on hold for. ^_^

But you can always choose another character if you wish to avoid the hassle. *winks*
Well... I was hoping that I could snag Ghaleon however since he's on hold for a friend then I suppose... Could I perhaps have Jean then?
Aww, I'd love to split Ghaleon with you too but I already even split him (into EB and SSS) for two dibbers. Jean's not taken yet, though, so she's all yours. :D

Oh, and join lunarblogcrew! ♥
Can we get Ronfar from Eternal Blue, please? :)
Sure! :D

Don't you want to take separate characters, though? ;)
May I have Jean?
Added! ♥
Well I'm looking to join in the fun and... since most characters are taken BUT I did see that in Eternal blue there is the "future" versions... I was wondering if I could get the future version of Luna? Dunno if that's allowed ^^;;
Wow, I never expected anyone to pick her! But sure, it's perfectly fine! ♥