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jowy // so what do we do now ???

19 days to go

Hugs, please, f-list?

It's 19 days to go before the board exam and am I freaking out. I should be studying since I'm way behind, but I've somehow gotten so bored and sick of all these subjects I've been studying for more than five years and I desperately need all the motivation I can get. I need my drive back, because I couldn't possibly back out now that I've come this far. ;_;

On another note, I miss you all. ♥~


Good luck~!!! IMISSYOU~!!!
Good luck. You'll pull through, I know. Miss you very much T_T
Good luck! You can do it!! ^_____^ Just think that in 19 days all of your hard work will pay off when you pass that board exam with flying colors :).
*HUGE HUGS* Good luck~ ♥

You can do it!

You can do it.... Aja aja aja! ♥♥♥
*calls in a mortar barrage not out of any belief that you actually need it, but strictly for the morale boost therein*
o/ go go go YOU CAN DO IT! *sends e-hug*
don't freak out so much Kuro-san ^_^ you'll be okay!


i miss you too!
You'll do great Kazie-chan! *glomp*


what's the exact date?

I'm not in your friends list but GOODLUCK!!

BTW, do you still wanna/plan to keep your charac in my blog crew list? I need to know where you store or display your codes, or I'll have to remove you, sorry.
I'm sorry! I revamped my profile and forgot to put all the blogcrew codes back up. Anyway, I fixed it now. ♥ And thanks for the goodluck wishes! :D